Things I Learned in Vegas


If you’ve been reading my previous blogs, then you will know that I spent last week in Vegas. My trip began with a twenty three hour ride in a motor home with cats to comfort me (really), followed by five days of extreme fun, exploration, and relaxation. It ended with my first ever plane ride, which I was only semi-concious of. In this week away, I learned quite a few things..

  • Americans have waaay better junk food than we do (hello, twenty different pop tart flavors)
  • Werthers makes caramel filled candies, of which I ate half a Costco sized bag
  • Drivers in Vegas only signal about 30% of the time
  • It is perfectly acceptable to wear an Elmo costume when it is 25 degrees out
  • Cops do not pull you over if you’re speeding. In fact, cops speed more than anyone else
  • There are no bees in Vegas
  • There are, however, scorpions
  • Giant soft pretzels are my new favorite food group
  • It is extremely challenging to find the candy section in a Vegas Walmart
  • People will dance in the street, and almost run in to you
  • New York, New York is probably one of the coolest hotels in existence
  • There is a Hershey’s chocolate store that makes cookies larger than my head
  • I bought one of those cookies and I shouldn’t have eaten it in one sitting
  • There is every flavor imaginable of vodka sold in grocery stores (ahem.. cinnamon roll)
  • Their Forever 21 store is ridiculously big
  • Las Vegas strip at night is one of the most beautiful non-nature places in the world

In all honesty, I thought I would deeply dislike visiting Vegas. After all, I live for going outdoors among grass, flowers, and trees. And I don’t like crowds of people. But you know what? I had a blast, and I would absolutely love to visit again.

Stay wonderful, xox.

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