No Means No (Or Yes Means Yes)

No Means No (Or Yes Means Yes)

So I was scrolling through my Youtube subscriptions, as I normally do when I’m avoiding homework, and I stumble upon Anna Akana’s new video, “How to Not Get Raped”.

I’ll admit, with anyone else, I would have been a little put off/wary of watching the video. However, I’ve been watching her videos for several years, and I know what she’s passionate about. I knew that this would somehow be tearing in to society for blaming girls for rape, or something of the sort.

And thankfully, I was right. But it got me thinking. It’s 2015.. WHY are we still having to worry about this? Why is it so hard to teach boys (and girls) that no means no. Which brings me to an article I read recently.

I was reading a Cosmopolitan article on how the University of California in Santa Barbara handles sexual assault. They’ve issued a new policy that in order to avoid the accusations and instances of sexual assault, all people involved need to be able to clearly say that they are 100% cool with the situation.

This view has been adopted because a lot of the time, the victim isn’t sure if it’s sexual assault, is afraid they will be hurt, isn’t in the proper state to tell the other person no.

What’s sad is that this policy is so clear and so simple, yet it seems that a lot of people can’t grasp this concept. Can’t say a big, enthusiastic YES? It isn’t consensual.

This means that if someone is unsure, or too drunk to say yes, it’s sexual assault. Now, some people may think that this is extreme. As a girl who has dealt with this, and helped friends through it, I don’t see this as being too careful. In fact, I think it’s fantastic and more universities/colleges should implement this.

As well, women (and men) need to feel like they are being listened to. I’ve read so many articles recently on people who either didn’t report the incident because they didn’t think they would get the help they needed, or did report it and were basically ignored while their rapist walked free.

While it’s great that more people are becoming aware, and that some universities are getting involved instead of turning a blind eye, I don’t feel like it’s enough. All universities need to adopt this standpoint

While I got away from Anna’s video in my ramblings, I hope you get the gist of the message. More universities need to get their shit together, and consent is fabulous.

You can watch Anna’s video here:

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Stay wonderful, xox.

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