Bad Phone Habits: Constant Checking and Mindless Scrolling

Bad Phone Habits: Constant Checking and Mindless Scrolling

It seems to me that cell phones have become the ultimate accessory; everyone has one, and it’s almost always glued to their hands. Sure, there are upsides (instant internet access wherever you are), but we spend so much time on our phones when we really don’t need to.

When facebook first came out with the option to see if someone had read your message, I was pretty excited. Then of course iphones became capable of doing this for text messages, followed by snapchat and who knows what else. No more were the days of wondering if someone had actually received what you wrote!

Unfortunately, it’s formed a habit I’d rather not have; constantly checking to see if someone has received my message. It starts with saying to yourself once in a while “hm, maybe I’ll just see if they’ve read it yet, then I know if I should be expecting a reply.

However, for me this turns in to “why the hell did they read my message and not reply?!” (which only happens if I’ve asked them a question, or said something that one would expect a reply to).

I know this is bad, but it’s become something I do involuntarily. And it needs to stop. I’ve come to realize that constantly checking for replies is bad for a couple of reasons.

For one, it brings me down a little when I see someone hasn’t answered my question. And I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it seems to happen quite often.

Second, this just adds to another problem I’d like to address; how much time we spend on our cell phones, mindlessly checking facebook, instagram, and the like. We go to check if a message has read, which leads to scrolling through our feeds and searching pointless questions on the internet. Before we know it, we’ve spent 20 minutes liking cat pictures on tumblr.

I’m not saying that a little time on the internet is a bad thing. Hell, we all need to get sucked away from reality for a little while sometimes. But it becomes a problem when it’s happening multiple times a day, especially when it takes us away from what we’re supposed to be doing.

So, I’m issuing a challenge to myself (and to whoever else has this problem and wants to join). I’m going to try my hardest to stop all together checking if someone has read my message. It doesn’t matter, and nothing will be gained from doing it. Tied in with this, I’m going to stop checking my phone as much, period. No more mindless scrolling and procrastinating.

As it’s summer and I have loads of free time, I can see this working out well. I’m going to check back in with you guys in about a month to talk about how it’s going.. here’s hoping I stick to it!

Stay wonderful, xox.

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