End Girl Hate (#GirlLove)

End Girl Hate

This post was inspired by Lily Singh’s video on ending girl hate.

At some point in our lives, we were taught to dislike and distrust other girls. I’d love to know the psychology behind this, but unfortunately haven’t read into it yet. Whatever it is, it pays no regard to how close you are to the person. It could be someone on instagram, or one of your best friends.

I know for a fact that this is a common occurrence in the younger years. I don’t remember going more than one day without hearing one girl talk crap about another one. Girl hate can be damaging at any age, but especially so when we’re so young and vulnerable.

Social media is another location for girl hate to thrive in. We see the perfect parts of people’s lives; them doing an amazing cover on youtube, or nailing a killer hoop flow on instagram. The problem is, we forget that people (usually) only post the good parts of their lives. We don’t see how much practice went in to their finished product, how many times they had to start over.

Why does girl hate happen? From my experience (personal and listening to others), it’s usually a case of envy. Maybe she has the job you want, maybe she has a beautiful voice, or maybe she’s wicked good at yoga. Whatever it is, we start to resent them. But really..

Who cares?

If another girl has something you want, don’t be jealous and send hate her way. Acknowledge what a badass job she’s doing and use her as inspiration to start whatever project you want to do. If you put in the time and effort, you can be just as good as them.

Even better if you reach out and tell them how much you enjoy what they’re doing. Voicing positive thoughts will put you both in a good mood, and you may even make a new friend out of it. It might be hard to face your envy head on, but it’s worth it.

I challenge you to participate in Lily Singh’s (AKA ||superwoman||) #GirlLove challenge.


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