New Stuff: Poetry, Art, and a Book

Hi everyone!

Let’s get down to business. It’s been a time since I posted anything on here, and a lot has changed since then. Most importantly, I’v been developing my writing (and art) and am no longer shy about sharing it online. At present, I’m in the process of writing a poetry book (!!!), and want to start posting some poems on here, and maybe some of my art as well. I’m going to use this blog as a place to share my creations with you, to receive feedback, and to connect with like minded people. The poem below was written and published for a contest with my university’s writing department with the prompt being “the sun didn’t set last night, it fell”, and I want to share it first because A. It was one of the first poems I wrote, and B. I want to use it as a marker to track my progress. having said that, I will be posting newer poems within a few days, so stay on the look out for those. Now, the poem. Feel free to leave a comment or share it around (fyi, the hyphens separate the stanzas because the spaces wouldn’t show up in the published article). I look forward to connecting with you all!


It’s For The Best

I always knew that

I didn’t quite fit into

your already full life.

You lived by the rule of

a place for everything,

and everything in its place,

and there was nowhere that I

could be neatly tucked away

when not in use.

I knew that the four months of

snowy adventures and

late night drives

would come to an end

sooner or later.

The icy sting of dread

when you say

we need to talk,

is hardly distinguishable

from the butterflies

that already live

in my stomach.

Irony, sitting on the same bench

we first talked

about horror movies

and literature

and dark secrets,

our initial shyness

melting away.

This bench,

the first place I noticed

how your smile radiates

across your face,

and how your eyes,

deep pools of sapphire,

reflect sunlight like prisms.

Around us, leaves of

crimson and orange and brown

dance and swirl on

the crisp, October wind.

Today, desolate winter,

dead trees and snowflakes,

the sun wary behind the clouds.

You say you wish

we had met at a different time

in a different place

under different circumstances.

We’re going different directions

and you aren’t sure

that I can go

where you’re going.

You say it’s better

we don’t see each other.

It’s for the best.

It’s for the best.

It’s for the best.

Time edges on and silence

creeps outward,

stretching to fill the valleys

that your words created in me.

The sun appears to hurl itself

towards the horizon behind you,

a spectacular display of

purples and oranges and pinks

dancing, shifting,

but all I can see

is your pale skin

and the soft curve of your jaw.

Already, free time I didn’t ask for

unfurls ahead of me.

The sun didn’t set last night,

it fell.



3 thoughts on “New Stuff: Poetry, Art, and a Book

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