Rose Scented Daydreams

A poem written from one of the writing prompts I posted a couple days ago, a brief description of the quick descent into anorexia (image was taken in our rose garden two years ago).


Rose Scented Daydreams

Her life was rose

scented daydreams and

valencia filtered images

of sunflower fields and

steam rising from

a bluebell printed teacup.

She did not feel the

sour stench of death that

clung to her.


Now she’s translucent,

paper thin,

her veins run

thick with sludge.

Her mind,

once crystal clear,

is a murky bog,

inhabited by beasts

of indistinct shapes.


She lies in bed,


tracing angular

hip bones with

spindly fingers.

She slips between

reality and

the rose scented

daydreams, long gone.

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