Poetry Book Update



In one of my posts from earlier this week, I mentioned (briefly) that I’m in the process of writing a poetry book, and I thought I’d share a bit more info about it with you. I don’t have all the kinks worked out yet and I’m certainly not close to being done, but I’ve got a good start on it so far.


  • I’m self publishing using CreateSpace. I looked into traditional means of publishing but it seemed like a lot of hassle just to get my poetry out there. I want to have full creative control over it, and I’m not the kind of person who likes to fight through a bunch of red tape, so self publishing seemed like the best option.
  • I have about 70 poems total so far, but A. I’m not sure of the length of the book yet, and B. I’m not sure if all of these poems will even make it into the book, as some may not fit with the theme I’m working towards. In short, I have no idea how close I am to hitting my poem goal, but I’m going to figure that out in the next couple of months.
  • As I mentioned above, I do have the theme figured out and a general idea of what the sections will look like. As well, I’ve started to brainstorm the kind of art I want in the book, and am currently attempting to draw it myself. I’ve decided that if I suck, I’ll find someone who doesn’t.
  • I’m still not entirely sure what format the book will be available in. I’ll definitely have it as an E-Book, and I’d love to do print copies, but I’ll need to find a printer and work through all of that before I know for sure.
  • My goal for having it published by is December 1st, 2017. I’m well known for imposing weird, unattainable deadlines on myself for projects, but given that I still have about six months, I think I can meet it.


That’s all I know so far! As I’m going through the self publishing process, I’ll be posting updates in order to share my progress and to hopefully help anyone else interested in self publishing. As well, if and when I get them in print copy (which I’m certainly hoping to do), I’ll be doing a contest/giveaway for a free book! The details on that are a little hazy at present, but stay tuned.

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