Questioning my Life Choices: Moving to

I recently moved my entire blog over to this domain. Basically, I wanted more access to plugins, themes, and general creative freedom. I expected it to be a bit more challenging than a regular wordpress account, but in all honesty, it’s been a lot harder to get used to than I thought. The themes and plugins themselves are easy to use, but there are so many choices and emails to sign up for and most of the time, my site won’t show up when I search it. On top of that, the support I’m getting there isn’t adequate to answer the questions I have.


I re-started this blog to promote creative endeavors, and to get feedback from like minded people, in hopes of eventually self publishing my book and sharing it here first. But how do I do all this of my site doesn’t show up for others? How do I receive feedback and connect with other writers and artists if my website isn’t showing up? Because of this, I’m questioning my choice to switch to a self hosted site.


What would you do in my situation? Do any of you have experience with Which one do you think is better and why? I’ll appreciate all comments and insights you can provide.

4 thoughts on “Questioning my Life Choices: Moving to

  1. boldnaivete

    It make take a while for Google to crawl your website to show your site in its search engine.

    Also, make sure your website is SEO’d and if you don’t know about SEO, just Google it (its not complicated, just takes effort).

    Hope this helps! 😊


    1. Great, thank you! I think I’ve got SEO down (I ended up getting the Yoast plugin and playing around with it), but thanks for letting me know about the Google problem. I’m just not thrilled that I’m writing posts where I’m looking for feedback and I’ not able to get any!

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      1. boldnaivete

        Have you tried submitting a comment in the help forums for If not, a staff member should be able to assist you.

        Also, not to sound like a cliché, but everything will eventually come together. 😊


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