Poem: Anyway + Submit Your Writing

Submit Your Writing (and art, and photography)

When I created this blog, it was with the intention to share creative work, ranging from poetry to longer fiction, and including art and photography as well.

However, what I want for this blog is to include the reader in the creative experience, so I’ve created a page where you can read about submission information and guidelines, which you can find here. Your work can be any length, as long as you feel that you’re submitting your best content!


Poem Context

Today’s poem is a little shorter than the others I’ve posted, but it holds a lot of meaning for me so I decided to share it with you. I don’t want to go into too much depth regarding the person this refers to (because they aren’t important), but I wanted to note how supportive my mom is, even though I’m bad at talking about my feelings with her.

It took me six months to finally tell her what happened, and she didn’t blame me or chastise me; she gave me a short reassurance that held more love and support than I think even she realized.



I finally told

my mom what

you said to me

that last night

and she said

she never liked you


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