Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers (and not a mug or shirt in sight)

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Unique Holiday Gifts for Writers

Holiday gift shopping can be a chore. From visiting numerous stores and still not finding exactly what you want, to dealing with the stress of figuring out the perfect gift for your special someones, it can get a bit hectic. I’ve heard from many friends and family members that shopping for writers is especially challenging (sorry guys). What do you get the person who hardly leaves their writing cave, save for grabbing snacks or new pens? Notebooks, pens, and mugs are nice, but they likely already have at least ten of each. Below are thirty gifts for the writer in your life, and although a couple are definitely notebooks (because you can never have enough notebooks), many are unique gifts that any writer would be thrilled to receive.

You Are a Writer

First, and most important, a book to remind the writers in your life that they are writers. Everyone deals with self doubt, whether that involves writing, painting, photography, dancing, or yodelling. Give your loved one this book to remind them that they can bypass this doubt, and become the most badass writer (or yodeller) they can be.

Fucking Brilliant Idea

Most writers I know enjoy a good ol’ physical notebook, and this sassy one is perfect for the wild writers in your life.

The Writer’s Toolbox

A cool little gift for when your writer friend needs to take their mind off whatever they’re writing. Fun fact: this book of games was designed by a creative writing teacher.

Healthy Snacks

Hey, writers have to eat too, and what’s a better gift than some of their favourite snacks? Mine are these sweet potato tortilla chips. I know I personally make poor food choices when I’m in the middle of a project, and having some of these handy would be great for those days when I can’t seem to tear myself away from the computer.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

I think this is the most important item on the list. It’s not necessarily related to the act of writing, but learning to stop caring what others think is an essential skill for writers to learn. If we’re not worried about embarrassing ourselves, by showing our work to others or submitting it to magazines or publishers, we can do anything we set our minds to.

The Joy of Mindful Writing

I’m a huge fan of mindfulness, both in every day life and when writing. You’re so much more aware of what you’re putting on the page (or the screen), and it makes your story/poem/blog post that much richer.

Bath Caddy with Book Stand

Being a writer is hard work; we sit at desks or tables all day, often forgetting to take breaks and stretch (or eat). Nothing helps a writer unwind after a long day of writing like a bubble bath, and if that bath includes a stand to hold our books, even better.

Aqua Notes

If you know a writer (and I’m sure you do), I know you’ve seen their face light up, followed by a frantic search for pen and paper or their phone. The absolute worst time for this to happen is in the shower, but with Aqua notes, this isn’t a problem anymore. Now if only you could give them something to help with the other times.

Mini Notebooks

And here you go! Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or purse, large enough to hold all sorts of writing ideas and prompts. Whether they can decipher their shorthand and handwriting, however, is a different story.

Audible Subscription

What writer doesn’t want to be gifted free books? Bonus points that they can listen to them while driving. You certainly can’t do that with physical books.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Having said that, I’m more of a fan of physical paper copies of books, but having all your favourite books at your fingertips while on a trip, is a dream. Not to mention, it takes up way less space than the countless books writers keep on their shelves, and in cupboards, and on the floor.. or anywhere else that books may fit.

Floating Wall Bookshelves

Speaking of which, these shelves are super nifty, and get those extra books off the floor, all while adding a nice decorative touch to the writer’s office.

Fancy pens

Honestly, these are only on here because they’re really pretty. Every writer needs a little pizzaz in their life.


If your house is anything like mine, there are always noisy distractions. Cats yowling outside, music blaring from the next room over, a housemate talking loudly on the phone. When you really want to get in the zone, noise cancelling headphones are where its at, and irritating auditory interruptions become a thing of the past.

Self-Publishing Book

An important gift for the writers in your life who want to shy away from the traditional publishing route for one reason or another.

Writing Prompts Book

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, so why not gift your writer friends this writing prompt book to banish writers block for good.


More subtle than a book on writing prompts, this gift forces writers to be creative and think on their feet, which in turn gets the creative juices going. Boom! No more writers block.

A Massage

Again, not necessarily a writing related gift, but dang do us writers ever tense up. We sit at desks or tables hours a day, imagine how tense we are by the end of it. Do your writers friend a favour, gift them a massage at their favourite spa.

A Day/Night Out

Another gift not directly related to writing, but to reiterate from above: writers stay inside all day, staring at their computers or notebooks and having very minimal interaction with the outside world. Writers need to socialize too! Take them to their favourite restaurant, bar, or out to see a play. Maybe even take them ice skating or on a hike, whatever they’re into. Just get them out of the house.

The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need

Although this isn’t the most exciting book to gift someone (though the grammar nerds will disagree, I’m sure), it is an extremely helpful gift for any sort of writer. Novelists, bloggers, and poets alike need to have excellent grammar skills if they want their writing to reach its utmost potential.

Their Fav Tea/Coffee

Before starting a project, the very first thing I do is make myself a mug of coffee or tea. There’s something about the hot liquid that clears the mind and gets the creative juices going. Right now, my favourite is this gingerbread spice one, in keeping with the holiday season.

Go Away I’m Writing Doormat

For the outspoken writer in your life who needs some peace and quiet when they’re writing.

Book Scented Candle

Writers (and book lovers) will fall in love with this scented candle. Though it may not compare to spending hours in a book store, it’s the next best thing.

Meditation App Subscription

Writer or not, everyone benefits from meditation, and an app with guided meditations is great for those who have trouble getting started on their own (or just want to mix things up). I’ve been using the app “Breathe” for about two years, and I love it. And there’s something for everyone: they have everything from one-minute mindfulness to fifteen-minute yoga for stress sessions

Book Lover’s Calendar

As a writer, I know that sometimes, you can get so sucked into a project that you forget what day it is. Not anymore! Well, as long as you remember to actually look at the thing.

Magnetic Poetry Kit

What makes this gift so cool is that words are easily moved around, so one poem can transform into a completely different one in an instant. Perfect for the writer who needs to procrastinate from their work! And who knows, maybe it’ll help the ideas flow a bit more smoothly.

The Well-Fed Writer

For the copywriters in your life, a guide to all things freelance, from technical tips to marketing strategies.

Writer’s Emergency Kit

Is the writer in your life having a meltdown over mental blocks or a scene not doing what they want it to? Not with these illustrated cards, which give specific tips for getting over writing related hurdles.

Reading Socks

As we’ve covered several times, writers sit. A lot. The sitting that is done in the colder months is sure to lead to cold feet (literally, not figuratively), and the best remedy for that is reading socks. I’ve had a pair since last year, and I hardly take them off from September to March.

Writer’s Digest Subscription

Lastly, what writer doesn’t want some inspiration from time to time. Whether taking a break from their own writing, or looking for ideas for their next story, a subscription to (any) literary magazine is sure to win their heart.


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I believe in transparency, so a note to you: the links I’ve provided here are all Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you choose to buy one of these items using the provided links, I do get a small percentage of the sale price. However, I will never have links or advertisements for items that I do not fully support; everything I post, I truly value and recommend.

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