Sticking to My 2018 Goals: I Made a Video!

Back in January, I wrote a post about how, in 2018, I wanted to start making some vids. Nothing fancy, just vlogs and artsy vids to begin with (because let’s be real, I’m already doing too many things), and you know what? I actually did it.

Throughout my time at university, I’ve gotten better at being in front of crowds, and having my writing workshopped in groups, but the idea of being in front of a camera terrifies me.

But 2018 is a time for pushing forward, accomplishing new things, and stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s basically going to be a year of making myself extremely uncomfortable, so why not start with Youtube?

And as much as I love writing, sometimes I just want to express my thoughts and feelings in a different way. The idea of starting a Youtube channel has always been so appealing to me, and this seems like the perfect time to do it.

Since this is my first vid, the editing is a little choppy and my thoughts are all over the place, but that’s why I’m doing this; to challenge myself, and to learn something new! I’m hoping that doing this will help me improve my filming and editing skills (and if you have any tips or recommendations for film/editing sources, hit me up!).

Without further ado, here’s the first of (hopefully) many vids. Enjoy!


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