12 Days of Bookmas


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12 Days of Bookmas Book Reviews

Since I have a bit of free time before I’m inevitably crushed by the month of January (and everything I’ve taken on), I wanted to do something fun. And for me, fun means writing about books. And taking pictures of books. And talking about books. BOOKS.

So I’m starting a new tradition for myself: 12 days of bookmas. What that means is, for twelve days leading up to Christmas, I’ll be doing a short review of 12 books that I own, and posting about it here, as well as on my Instagram.

Why only books that I own? Because I almost always only buy books if I’ve read them previously and they’ve had some sort of lasting effect on me (The Night Circus is one – you can bet your buns I’ll be reviewing it).

Like I said, each of these books have had some sort of impact on me, and I love books that make me feel something, and all of these books certainly do, whether that be because the writing is stunning or I associate the book with someone I care about or a special time in my life.

This is for fun, yes, but it’s also to bring awareness to people that these books exist. I love seeing book reviews pop up on my dash because I learn about books I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up, and sometimes, I find a phenomenal read that I burn through in three days (kind of like with The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle).

Having said that, this isn’t one-sided – I want you to recommend books that you’ve read as well, so both I and the people who follow me on social media have the chance to pick up a book they might not have found on their own. Feel free to comment on my blog, but also don’t hesitate to comment your fav books (and why they’re you’re fav) on the Instagram post for that day. After all, the holidays are all about giving, and what better present is there than learning about new books!

As I’m only reviewing books I already own, this is in no way an exhaustive list of books I’d recommend. Some books I’ve read this year (again, Evelyn Hardcastle) I haven’t had the chance to buy yet, but they’ll likely make an appearance next year.

And since there’s no time like the present (pun intended) I’m kicking off 12 days of bookmas tomorrow! You can expect a blog post first thing every morning for the next 12 days, and an instagram post every afternoon.

I’m excited to be doing this, but more excited to hear from you folks. So, break out your books, because it’s time for 12 days of bookmas to begin!

Thanks for reading! Looking for more inspiration? For more ramblings and photos of pretty things, follow my Twitter and Instagram.

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