12 Days of Bookmas – Goya

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Title: Goya

Author: Pocket Library of Great Art

Genre: Art History

Read it if: You want to see Goya’s paintings other than “Saturn Devouring His Son”


I took an art history course in my first year of university. I chose it because it looked fun, but also because it looked easy. I’d always had an interest in art, so why not learn about its origins? I had no idea that the class would foster in me a deep love of not just art, but the artists themselves.

The course I took spanned all the way from the late Medieval period to the current contemporary art movement, but my favorites were surrealism and romanticism. One of the romantics that drew my eye was Goya; his paintings – aside from his portraits – were unsettling and vivid. If you haven’t ever seen “Saturn Devouring His Son” I suggest you look it up.

This pocket book is one of many I found at a local bookstore. Although I never sold my art history textbook (and likely never will), this pocket guide is a handy little thing to have when I want to easily flip through his paintings. It’s not necessarily of great importance; sometimes, you need to keep things around merely because they’re fun to look at.

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