12 Days of Bookmas – 1996

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Title: 1996

Author: Sarah Peters

Genre: Poetry

Read it if: You want something relatable about relationships and growing up


I got this book by accident. My friend bought it at a stand-alone poetry book sale at our university, then realized he didn’t like the style or the content. So, he gave it to me.

And I’m so glad he did, because I relate so much to Peters’ poetry. From childhood games reflected on in adulthood in “Playing Lesbians” to the painfully realistic situation of dragging out a relationship longer than needed in “I Understood Our Time Was Running Out,” everything she writes is engaging in a way that’ll make you nod your head while wincing at how close to home these poems hit.

1996 is important to me because it was given to me not only by someone special, but at a time when I felt very alone in the world. Peters’ poetry, with its unabashed honesty and amusing look at growing up, was exactly what I needed then.

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