12 Days of Bookmas – The Mobius Strip Club of Grief

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Title: The Mobius Strip Club of Grief

Author: Bianca Stone

Genre: Poetry

Read it if: You want to be crushed under a sea of emotion


Last April, less than 24 hours after completing my undergrad, I took a road trip down to San Francisco. I didn’t have any specific plans for once I got there; I just knew I wanted to go.

Before I left, I asked for recommendations: where should I go? What should I see? One of my writing friends told me I had to visit City Lights bookstore. So, my first morning there, I hoofed it over. Upon arriving, I followed the signs and found a staircase leading up; the entire second floor was dedicated to poetry. Overwhelmed, I walked to a table and picked up the first book I saw: The Mobius Strip Club of Grief. The title itself enticed me, but the first poem I flipped to, “How Not,” did even more. Something about the last line, “hold a brick wall very close to your face,” got me. I read the poem once, then twice. I closed it. I walked downstairs and paid.

Every time I open it, I still flip to “How Not” first. I have no idea what it was about that poem that hit me so hard, but every other poem is the same; raw, screaming feeling that tugs at you, burrows under your skin and stays there, immutable.

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