2018 Wrap Up + 2019 Goals

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come in a year. January blends into April, and before you know it the sticky summer heat is replaced by blistering winter winds. Everything that’s happened during this time – the friends you’ve made, the stories you’ve written, the places you’ve been – begin melting together.

And before you know it, you’re once more surrounded by friends counting down the clock into the new year, and everything begins again. Another year has come and gone, another is starting. If you believe it to be, January 1st can be a fresh start.

And I do, but I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. According to Business Insider, most resolutions fail by February – likely because the resolutions we’re making aren’t what we want to be doing; they’re what we think we should be doing.

So, instead of deciding to do things I think I should be doing, I ask myself what I want to accomplish that year. Am I doing things I really want to be doing (visiting galleries, writing, traveling, exploring nature), or am I wasting my time on things that I don’t care about or that I think I should do (going vegan, scrolling through my phone, taking on more duties than necessary at work).

The key is to evaluate where your life is going and what you’ve done, and see if it aligns with where you want to be headed/what you want to be doing. If it is? Great, keep heading in that direction. If not? It’s time to change some things.

This year, I did a ton of things I’m proud of + excited about. Because it’s easy to forget, I’ve made a list of the most important events of 2018. Because I always have more I want to do, I’ve made a list of what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2019.


What I did in 2018

  • Finished my undergrad with two majors (psychology, creative writing) and a minor (English lit)
  • Traveled to San Francisco
  • Wrote a novel (final draft is almost complete!!) and then another (first draft done over NaNoWriMo)
  • Helped launch two lit mags: the Louden Singletree in March, and The Cascade Zine in December
  • Had poems published in Raspberry Magazine, Plenitude Magazine, and Luna Magazine. Had non-fiction published in Maclean’s, Raspberry Magazine, and Live, Write, Thrive
  • Traveled to Iceland
  • Moved into my own place
  • Applied to SFU’s teaching program for September 2019
  • Revamped my Etsy shop
  • Practiced patience, compassion, and mindfulness


What I’m planning for 2019

  • Learn to dance at The Goddess Movement
  • Learn Italian
  • Practice painting people
  • Submit to more lit mags/non-fiction publications
  • Keep up with photography – specifically portraits
  • Finish first novel (so close!) and query agents
  • Finish second novel
  • Travel to Europe (Italy, maybe France)
  • (Hopefully) start the teaching program
  • Keep on keepin’ on with patience, compassion, and mindfulness


What did you do this year that you’re most proud of? And what are you hoping to accomplish in 2019?

Thanks for reading! Looking for more inspiration? For more ramblings and photos of pretty things, follow my Twitter and Instagram.

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