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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers (and not a mug or shirt in sight)

Unique Holiday Gifts for Writers Holiday gift shopping can be a chore. From visiting numerous stores and still not finding exactly what you want, to dealing with the stress of figuring out the perfect gift for your special someones, it can get a bit hectic. I’ve heard from many friends and family members that shopping… Continue reading Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers (and not a mug or shirt in sight)

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #4: Winter Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises

  December Creative Writing Prompts If you’re like me, you’ve been neck deep in projects (and maybe finals) and have been running yourself ragged the past few months. But its December now, and that means the year is almost over, and it’s time to relax; breaks are important, especially with so many cool holiday things… Continue reading Writing Prompts #4: Winter Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises


Poetry Book Update

Coming at you with a quick update on the poetry book: I’m postponing the release until I have more time to edit/add poems to it because this semester was way more hectic than I thought. I found that I was rushing to get it done, and I didn’t want to release something poor quality to… Continue reading Poetry Book Update

short stories

Part Eleven: The Creature

The Creature You stand on your toes, stretch to reach the window and can only barely see through; a fine film of dust and grime cover the once transparent glass. You feel like a kid again, eavesdropping on your parents from the next room over. This time, though, fear is deeply rooted in your stomach… Continue reading Part Eleven: The Creature


Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts

Memory Film of Point Roberts   Summer of ‘98 and the russet hatchback swings into a narrow, flower lined driveway. Poppies, lavender, chrysanthemums intertwine to create a marbled smudge, a watercolor painting. Further on the indigo, wind-blown log cabin perched upon a bluff blends in to the sky beyond, a two-dimensional backdrop, dangerous, a sharp… Continue reading Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts

short stories

Part Ten: The Descent

The Descent The weight of the silence wraps around you like snow on a street at midnight. It feels different than the rest, hollow, as though inside a vacuum. You breathe in and you breathe out, in and out in and out, rapid, laboured. You wait. Your chest is tight but quickly, silently, you make… Continue reading Part Ten: The Descent

short stories

Part Nine: The Dark

The slammed door disrupts dust particles and cobwebs which dance across your face and into your nose. You almost sneeze, almost, but you hold it in. You stand there as the cloak of darkness and ever-present silence engulf you. You’re shaking, but only slightly, and the tabby presses close to you, silent as well. Your… Continue reading Part Nine: The Dark