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What I Learned in 2017: Mindfulness, Personal Growth, and Slowing Down

Important life lessons of 2017: Mindfulness, personal growth, and slowing down.


Questioning my Life Choices: Moving to

I recently moved my entire blog over to this domain. Basically, I wanted more access to plugins, themes, and general creative freedom. I expected it to be a bit more challenging than a regular wordpress account, but in all honesty, it's been a lot harder to get used to than I thought. The themes and… Continue reading Questioning my Life Choices: Moving to

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2015 Highlights (In Sticky Note Form)

Hello everyone! As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd share with you a small project I started at the beginning of 2015. Every time something noteworthy happens, I write it on a sticky note, date it, and throw it in a jar. Throughout the year I added 50+ notes to my container.… Continue reading 2015 Highlights (In Sticky Note Form)

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Blogmas Day Nine: Fifty Happy Things

It's December 21st. We have a fire going downstairs, I just took some caramel corn out of the oven, and I'm surrounded by cats. We've done the shopping for Christmas eve dinner and everything is planned out for Christmas day. Life is good. I have no reason for creating this other than its nearly Christmas… Continue reading Blogmas Day Nine: Fifty Happy Things

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National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day In honor of National Coming Out Day, I thought I would share a little bit about my sexuality. I don't usually like labels, but for the sake of this article, I'll be giving the one that most closely represents how I feel, which happens to be pansexual. I've never explicitly stated… Continue reading National Coming Out Day


No Means No (Or Yes Means Yes)

No Means No (Or Yes Means Yes) So I was scrolling through my Youtube subscriptions, as I normally do when I'm avoiding homework, and I stumble upon Anna Akana's new video, “How to Not Get Raped”. I'll admit, with anyone else, I would have been a little put off/wary of watching the video. However, I've… Continue reading No Means No (Or Yes Means Yes)

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Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating?

  Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating? We see it everywhere. “Guilt free” dessert and meal recipes bombarding pinterest, TV commericals for “better for you” frozen meals. It seems like if you can imagine it, there's a low fat or sugar version of it. There are recipes claiming to be better for… Continue reading Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating?

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Things I Learned in Vegas

If you've been reading my previous blogs, then you will know that I spent last week in Vegas. My trip began with a twenty three hour ride in a motor home with cats to comfort me (really), followed by five days of extreme fun, exploration, and relaxation. It ended with my first ever plane ride,… Continue reading Things I Learned in Vegas