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Acrylic Fluid Painting: Oil Spill

Etsy Store

Hey friends, go check out my Etsy store! I sell prints of my fluid paintings, as well as originals I do on records. Eventually, I’ll be selling original fluid paintings completed on canvas, as well as printed photographs. The paintings themselves are hand made by me, though the printing process takes place through a third party source.

Artistic Background

A little bit of background info: I’ve always been interested in art. Since I was a child, I spent hours creating art, using any supplies I could get my little hands on. However, a bad experience with an art teacher in high school put me off of it, and I spent nearly ten years completely art free. Luckily, I found inspiration to start creating again about a year ago, and I haven’t stopped since.


I’ve been doing fluid painting since January 2017, and have completed about thirty paintings so far. I originally started with canvas, but moved on to records for a fun (and cheaper!) take on the round paintings I was seeing everywhere. I love to use black and white, as well as some complementary colors, and my favorite paints are metallic. When using canvas, I typically stick to a canvas size of 8×11, as it allows for the best possible photographs to turn into prints. All prints are made using high quality, vibrant ink and half glossy, 12×18 card stock.

Support the Artist!

If you’re interested in what I have to offer, you can find the link here. If you don’t see any colors that you like, or want certain colors in a different format (as in, printed instead of on a record), send me an email and we can work something out! Special color requests do not cost anything extra, so don’t be shy to ask for something different.