Guest Posts

Accepting Guest Posts and Submissions

Come Guest Post on my Blog!

I am always accepting guest posts, and am almost always willing to guest post on your blog as well (just specify that in your email, please and thank you). I’m a firm believer that blogs are more fun when they’re a collaborative experience.


Guidelines for Guest Posting

  • Guest posts should be related to creative living in some way: photography, writing, art, etc. OR should be focused on mindfulness or mental health (especially if you can link these back to creative living somehow).
  • Before you begin writing, make sure your post isn’t similar to anything that’s already posted here, and if it is, make sure to highlight why it’s different.
  • Of course, make sure your post is fully edited before you send it off. I may be an editor by trade, and I do enjoy the process, but I’ve got enough to keep my hands busy at the moment.
  • Email if you have any questions about the process/what I like to see. If not, send your post my way and we’ll work together to make sure it fits the Wildflower Creative’s style.