short stories

Part Six: The Gate

The Gate The vines grab at you as you pass through, they cling to your shirt and your neck. You manage to untangle yourself and head forward, the wet snuffling sound getting louder as you move further down the path. The sun is trying to push its way through the canopy of vines twisted over… Continue reading Part Six: The Gate

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #3

September Writing Prompts Write something.. Using the words snake, room, and wake. Where the main character is a forty-two year old man From the point of view of a polar bear. Using the words fight, bury, and awkward. From the point of view of your seven year old self. That takes place in a 50s… Continue reading Writing Prompts #3

short stories

Inconvenient Teleportation

Inconvenient Teleportation It is August. You sit on the grass in your favorite park, the sun bearing down on your pale skin, but you are cold. You think you can see frost accumulating on your fingertips, the fine film cracking slightly as you flex your fingers. You are more curious over your current predicament than… Continue reading Inconvenient Teleportation

short stories

Part Five: The Path

The Path The girl and the tabby guide you toward the front door: past closed doors, trinkets of indeterminate age, the oak cabinets in the kitchen, the critical eyes of the ancestors. You are close to the front door, and the smell of hyacinths drift through a nearby window. You are almost out. The bag… Continue reading Part Five: The Path

short stories

Part Four: The Book

The Book As you enter the room, your eyesight adjusts to the dim light drifting from two standing lamps. The room is lined with bookshelves, and a substantial armchair rests in one corner. There is only one window, but it is covered in a coal-black sheet. Tiny strings of light frame the sheet, a halo… Continue reading Part Four: The Book