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A list of all my publications – any that don’t have a name after them are published in The Cascade, and feature-length articles (2000+ words) have been marked.


Listen Write Now

Long Night Against Procrastination at UFV

Salt Water, Skin Boats Opening Reception (Raspberry Magazine)

Welcome Event for Billeh Nickerson

Witness Blanket at UFV


Valley (W)rites




B.A. Johnston

Billeh Nickerson (Feature)

Tara-Lynn Perrin-Kozma

Teen Daze

Royal Canadian Circus (Feature)

Mental Health Week

Alex Wetmore

Conversations With Poets (Feature)



Blue Monday

Boundaries and Consent (Feature)

Dealing With Self Doubt (Live, Write, Thrive)

Tinder (Mis)adventures (Feature)

Facebook Wants to See You Naked

Affordable Housing

Conversion Therapy

The Death of Daylight Savings

Campus Community

Overcrowding in Vancouver Parks

Counseling Centre Wait Times (Feature)

Something Will Always Go Bump in the Night (Feature)



Best of UFV (Maclean’s Magazine)

Christmas Movie at UFV

Dirk Gentley Season Two

Queens of the Stone Age: Villains

The Black Peacock – Rachel Manley

i wanna be your girlfriend – girl in red

Haunting of Hill House Adaption

Oxnard – Anderson .Paak

Turn Off the Light Vol. 1 – Kim Petras

Be the Cowboy – Mitski



Sea Salt and Blackberry Brambles (Luna Collective Mag)

Three poems + an interview (Raspberry Magazine)

Trump Narrates Our Breakup (Plenitude Magazine)