Submit Your Work

Alright friends, the whole point of starting this blog is to spread creative vibes to all of you, and what better way than to include you in the process? If you’ve got art, writing, photography, or any other beautiful piece of work you want to share with the Wildflower Creative family (including guest posts on mental health, gender, love, creativity, writing, etc.), send it our way and we’ll post it for you. All posted work will be given full credit.

Guidelines for Writing

Work should be clear, well thought out, and the best possible version of it. We’re pretty flexible here, but if there is unnecessary swearing or overly explicit content, such as graphic violence or sexual assault, your submission will not be posted.

Guidelines for Art and Photography

Make it pretty, and make it you. If you want, you can write a small paragraph describing your work (or include a poem that goes with it!). Or, you can send it on its own, and let the viewers interpret it for themselves.

How to submit

Send your work to with your name and any social media accounts you want us to link back to (as well as your submitted work, of course!). If you want, you can write a short blurb about yourself, how you got started in art/writing/photography/etc, or share some fun facts about yourself. We look forward to sharing your work!