Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #5: Valentine’s Day Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises

Write Something.. About your first heartbreak. Using the words date, affection, and kiss. Where two characters fight over the last Valentine’s Day card. About your favourite character’s first heartbreak. Where a doctor and an artist fall in love. About a couple who broke up the day after Valentine’s Day. Using the words arrow, chocolate, and… Continue reading Writing Prompts #5: Valentine’s Day Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises

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30 Before 30: Travel, Personal Growth, and Creative Goals for the Next Five Years

30 Before 30: Travel, Personal Growth, and Creative Goals for the Next Five Years As of tomorrow, I’ll be 25, and I thought this was a good time to write out my 30 before 30 list (I got the idea from Hannah Witton’s Youtube video of the same name. As Hannah does, I’m going to… Continue reading 30 Before 30: Travel, Personal Growth, and Creative Goals for the Next Five Years

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The Best Writing Advice I’ve Received From My Creative Writing Professors

Creative Writing Tips and Advice from University Professors.

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Blogging Tip: Stop Caring So Much

The best blogging tip for blog growth and personal happiness: stop caring so much.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #4: Winter Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises

Winter themed writing ideas and exercises to inspire and motivate your writing.

Short Stories

Part Eleven: The Creature

The Creature You stand on your toes, stretch to reach the window and can only barely see through; a fine film of dust and grime cover the once transparent glass. You feel like a kid again, eavesdropping on your parents from the next room over. This time, though, fear is deeply rooted in your stomach… Continue reading Part Eleven: The Creature


Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts

Memory Film of Point Roberts   Summer of ‘98 and the russet hatchback swings into a narrow, flower lined driveway. Poppies, lavender, chrysanthemums intertwine to create a marbled smudge, a watercolor painting. Further on the indigo, wind-blown log cabin perched upon a bluff blends in to the sky beyond, a two-dimensional backdrop, dangerous, a sharp… Continue reading Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts

Short Stories

Part Ten: The Descent

The Descent The weight of the silence wraps around you like snow on a street at midnight. It feels different than the rest, hollow, as though inside a vacuum. You breathe in and you breathe out, in and out in and out, rapid, laboured. You wait. Your chest is tight but quickly, silently, you make… Continue reading Part Ten: The Descent

Short Stories

Part Nine: The Dark

The Dark The slammed door disrupts dust particles and cobwebs which dance across your face and into your nose. You almost sneeze, almost, but you hold it in. You stand there as the cloak of darkness and ever-present silence engulf you. You’re shaking, but only slightly, and the tabby presses close to you, silent as… Continue reading Part Nine: The Dark