Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #5: Valentine’s Day Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises

Write Something.. About your first heartbreak. Using the words date, affection, and kiss. Where two characters fight over the last Valentine’s Day card. About your favourite character’s first heartbreak. Where a doctor and an artist fall in love. About a couple who broke up the day after Valentine’s Day. Using the words arrow, chocolate, and… Continue reading Writing Prompts #5: Valentine’s Day Themed Writing Ideas and Exercises


Poem: Recurrent Nightmare

Recurrent Nightmare I see you everywhere.   You’re in Night drives and Twisted sheets, Old horror films and Glitter crusted boots, Spiked hair and Succulents and Triple chocolate cake.   You’re in Dial tones and Unanswered messages, Seen at 1:43 am, Purple vomit On the club floor. Broken bones and Sharp promises I know you… Continue reading Poem: Recurrent Nightmare


Poem: Anyway + Submit Your Writing

Submit Your Writing (and art, and photography) When I created this blog, it was with the intention to share creative work, ranging from poetry to longer fiction, and including art and photography as well. However, what I want for this blog is to include the reader in the creative experience, so I've created a page… Continue reading Poem: Anyway + Submit Your Writing


End Girl Hate (#GirlLove)

End Girl Hate This post was inspired by Lily Singh's video on ending girl hate. At some point in our lives, we were taught to dislike and distrust other girls. I'd love to know the psychology behind this, but unfortunately haven't read into it yet. Whatever it is, it pays no regard to how close… Continue reading End Girl Hate (#GirlLove)