Poem: At 3 a.m.

At 3 a.m. At 3 a.m., I am not alone in my room. Shadows from cars, or something more sinister, glide across my bedroom wall. Somewhere from deep within the house, a clock ticks, a slow, ominous, persistent sound, that warns me of time rolling on.   At 3 a.m., something screeches, a jarring sound… Continue reading Poem: At 3 a.m.

Short Stories

Inconvenient Teleportation

Inconvenient Teleportation It is August. You sit on the grass in your favorite park, the sun bearing down on your pale skin, but you are cold. You think you can see frost accumulating on your fingertips, the fine film cracking slightly as you flex your fingers. You are more curious over your current predicament than… Continue reading Inconvenient Teleportation


Poem: False Memories

False Memories I am always surprised by the childhood memories that creep into the corners of my mind.   They are hazy memories, cloudy memories, memories of a pair of shoes I owned or that, once, I loved reading mysteries.   I shift them, roll them around, but they don’t fit quite right, as though… Continue reading Poem: False Memories


Poem: Control Freak

Control Freak You knew I used to dance with anorexia and that, sometimes, it still gripped my flesh and whispered in my ear yet you still tried to tell me what to eat.   I am lucky that I’m stronger now and that your words mean nothing to me.


Poem: The AN Body

Sometimes, writing can be a challenge. Your brain wants to focus on anything other than creative things (like homework, like laundry), and refuses to come up with even a half decent poem. And then, there are days where your brain rapid fires something that hits you right in the feels and is so true that… Continue reading Poem: The AN Body


Rose Scented Daydreams

A poem written from one of the writing prompts I posted a couple days ago, a brief description of the quick descent into anorexia (image was taken in our rose garden two years ago). Rose Scented Daydreams Her life was rose scented daydreams and valencia filtered images of sunflower fields and steam rising from a… Continue reading Rose Scented Daydreams

Mental Health

Reducing Anxiety Through Meditation

Reducing Anxiety Through Meditation I've been struggling with anxiety for as long as I can remember. That nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, the tightness in my chest, the overall tenseness of my body. Granted, I had no idea what was wrong with me when I was younger. I thought it was how… Continue reading Reducing Anxiety Through Meditation

Mental Health

7 Cups of Tea

  7 Cups of Tea I write to you today from under the covers in my bed. I spent nearly the entire day shopping, cleaning, and organizing. I have positioned myself here our of sheer tiredness, and I do not plan to move until later, when I will make myself an extremely large milkshake. Unfortunately,… Continue reading 7 Cups of Tea