Poetry Book Update

Coming at you with a quick update on the poetry book: I’m postponing the release until I have more time to edit/add poems to it because this semester was way more hectic than I thought. I found that I was rushing to get it done, and I didn’t want to release something poor quality to… Continue reading Poetry Book Update


Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts

Memory Film of Point Roberts   Summer of ‘98 and the russet hatchback swings into a narrow, flower lined driveway. Poppies, lavender, chrysanthemums intertwine to create a marbled smudge, a watercolor painting. Further on the indigo, wind-blown log cabin perched upon a bluff blends in to the sky beyond, a two-dimensional backdrop, dangerous, a sharp… Continue reading Poem: Memory Film of Point Roberts


Poem: At 3 a.m.

At 3 a.m. At 3 a.m., I am not alone in my room. Shadows from cars, or something more sinister, glide across my bedroom wall. Somewhere from deep within the house, a clock ticks, a slow, ominous, persistent sound, that warns me of time rolling on.   At 3 a.m., something screeches, a jarring sound… Continue reading Poem: At 3 a.m.


Poem: Erased

Erased Sitting in your favorite seat next to the window at my favorite coffee shop, looking out at the strangers passing by in the blistering August heat, I realize that I no longer remember the exact color of your eyes or what your voice sounded like.   I realize that this does not upset me,… Continue reading Poem: Erased

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #3

September Writing Prompts Write something.. Using the words snake, room, and wake. Where the main character is a forty-two year old man From the point of view of a polar bear. Using the words fight, bury, and awkward. From the point of view of your seven year old self. That takes place in a 50s… Continue reading Writing Prompts #3