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Goals for 2018: Creating, Personal Growth, Self-Care, and Mindfulness

Inspiration to create your own list of goals for 2018.

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What I Learned in 2017: Mindfulness, Personal Growth, and Slowing Down

Important life lessons of 2017: Mindfulness, personal growth, and slowing down.

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Poem: My Body is My Home

  My Body is my Home My body was a motel, cracked walls and peeling paint yellowed with age and cigarette smoke. The bedspread, the color of something you’d find under the kitchen sink, was rumpled and misshapen from the people who stayed there. They came and went as they pleased, staining worn carpet with… Continue reading Poem: My Body is My Home


22 Things I Learned at 22

  Birthdays (both mine and others) have always been one of my favorite occasions. You get to surround yourself with friends, family, and cake, but I also find they're a good time to take a moment and look back at what you've learned during the past year. Although I learned countless lessons this year, I've… Continue reading 22 Things I Learned at 22

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2015 Highlights (In Sticky Note Form)

Hello everyone! As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd share with you a small project I started at the beginning of 2015. Every time something noteworthy happens, I write it on a sticky note, date it, and throw it in a jar. Throughout the year I added 50+ notes to my container.… Continue reading 2015 Highlights (In Sticky Note Form)

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Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating?

  Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating? We see it everywhere. “Guilt free” dessert and meal recipes bombarding pinterest, TV commericals for “better for you” frozen meals. It seems like if you can imagine it, there's a low fat or sugar version of it. There are recipes claiming to be better for… Continue reading Why Are We Made To Feel Guilty For Eating?