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Part Four: The Book

The Book As you enter the room, your eyesight adjusts to the dim light drifting from two standing lamps. The room is lined with bookshelves, and a substantial armchair rests in one corner. There is only one window, but it is covered in a coal-black sheet. Tiny strings of light frame the sheet, a halo… Continue reading Part Four: The Book


Poem: False Memories

False Memories I am always surprised by the childhood memories that creep into the corners of my mind.   They are hazy memories, cloudy memories, memories of a pair of shoes I owned or that, once, I loved reading mysteries.   I shift them, roll them around, but they don’t fit quite right, as though… Continue reading Poem: False Memories

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Poetry Book Update: Length, Release Date, and a Giveaway

A couple of months ago, I announced on here that I’m in the process of creating a poetry book that I’m going to self publish. The last couple of months have been filled with exams, volunteer work, and catching up with friends, but I’ve also (somehow) found time to work on the book. I previously… Continue reading Poetry Book Update: Length, Release Date, and a Giveaway

short stories

Part Three: The House

The House The door closes behind you, and you’re in near darkness, the only light flickering from a fast disintegrating candle. Behind the girl, a rickety staircase ascends into darkness, and the floor is blanketed in an elaborately designed rug, the colors dancing and blending together. The tabby appears and rubs on the spindly legs… Continue reading Part Three: The House

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Part Two: The Guide

The Guide Chest heaving, you sprint back to the street where the shop is – or was, because now there’s an ice cream shop in its place. Sticky fingered kids grasp dripping ice cream cones while bored parents sit at grimy tables, staring at glowing screens. You look around, double and triple check, but you’re… Continue reading Part Two: The Guide

short stories

Introducing a New Short Story Series

New Short Story Series Recently, when I was supposed to be writing a paper, I wrote a short story instead (oops). As a whole, it is untitled as of yet, but each part will have its own title/chapter name. There was no planning involved, and every subsequent part will be the same; impulsive, mildly creepy,… Continue reading Introducing a New Short Story Series