Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #3

September Writing Prompts Write something.. Using the words snake, room, and wake. Where the main character is a forty-two year old man From the point of view of a polar bear. Using the words fight, bury, and awkward. From the point of view of your seven year old self. That takes place in a 50s… Continue reading Writing Prompts #3


Poem: Recurrent Nightmare

Recurrent Nightmare I see you everywhere.   You’re in Night drives and Twisted sheets, Old horror films and Glitter crusted boots, Spiked hair and Succulents and Triple chocolate cake.   You’re in Dial tones and Unanswered messages, Seen at 1:43 am, Purple vomit On the club floor. Broken bones and Sharp promises I know you… Continue reading Poem: Recurrent Nightmare

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts #2

More writing prompts coming your way! I don’t have much to add today, other than have fun, and share your creations with me if you want to.   Write a story or poem..   About a local legend. That focuses on two sides of the same story. Using the words lamp, exacerbate, and paint. About… Continue reading Writing Prompts #2


Challenging Yourself: Overcoming Fear and Welcoming Change

Challenging Yourself Sometimes, we float through life without really challenging ourselves. We choose relationships, activities, and jobs because they’re easy, or because that’s what we think we’re supposed to do, not because they’re right for us. This causes us to fall into a cycle of comfort and complacency; we don’t test ourselves by trying anything… Continue reading Challenging Yourself: Overcoming Fear and Welcoming Change


Inspiration for Creatives: Finding and Holding on to What Inspires You

Inspiration is an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes you’re struck with a sudden burst of energy and it infuses everything you do and write, creating amazing pieces of work that bring you immense pride. Other times, the mere thought of picking up your pen makes you want to curl up in a blanket burrito and hide. So,… Continue reading Inspiration for Creatives: Finding and Holding on to What Inspires You

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Writing Prompts

  One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to write, but sometimes, the inspiration isn't there. If I need a little help starting, I tend to look up writing prompts. What I like best about them is that you can interpret them any way you want, so that two people… Continue reading Writing Prompts